Your premier temperature controlled warehouse for Boston, MA and beyond.

Our temperature controlled warehouse in Boston, MA does more than just keep it cold. Crystal Cold Storage:

  • Stores, protects, and organizes your goods using the latest in temperature controlled warehousing pallet storage technology

WHAT IT MEANS: Efficiency and organization mean cost and time savings are passed on to you, the customer.

  • 24-hour state-of-the-art monitoring constantly controls temperature and closed-circuit cameras guard against fire and theft

WHAT IT MEANS: Peace of mind for you and products that are stored safely in our Boston, MA temperature controlled warehouse.

  • Emergency diesel-powered generator is able to power the entire facility

WHAT IT MEANS: Should there be a power outage, the facility can operate at 100% thanks to a powerful CAT emergency generator – meaning there is no loss to you.

  • Customer satisfaction is our first priority

WHAT IT MEANS: You get the gold (or should we say “cold”?) treatment from our temperature controlled warehouse Boston, MA team.

The Story Behind Our Boston, MA Temperature Controlled Warehouse

In 2001, we aimed to create a modern, sophisticated temperature controlled warehouse where we could combine state-of-the-art warehouse technology with exceptional customer service. With Crystal Cold Storage’s temperature controlled warehouse for Boston, MA, we’ve achieved that goal. We believe our customers get the best in temperature controlled warehousing run by a team that truly cares about quality and working with their customers.

Boston, MA Temperature Controlled Warehousing to Take Pride In

At Crystal Cold Storage we take pride in our business. Not only do we believe that we help our customers achieve their goals, we also believe we do it in an efficient and friendly way. Warm, friendly service. Cold, temperature controlled warehousing. That’s Boston MA’s Crystal Cold Storage.